Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is responsible for strategic planning and oversight of the organization’s work.


Chair:  Adrienne Cozart, South Plains

Vice Chair: 

Treasurer: Frank Almaraz, Lower Rio Grande

Secretary: Leila Melendez, Borderplex


Martin Aguirre, South Plains; Lupita Canales, South Texas; Tyane Dietz, Deep East Texas; Mark Guthrie, Gulf Coast; Guy Robert Jackson, Gulf Coast; Marin Rivas, Panhandle; Chester Sackett, Golden Crescent; Candy Van Sant, Texoma

Public Policy Committee

The goal of the Public Policy Committee is to develop recommendations on education and workforce training public policy to federal and state legislative and regulatory entities/officials.

Committee Chair: Guy Robert Jackson, Gulf Coast

External Relations Committee

The goal of the External Relations Committee is to increase public awareness and recognition of the Workforce Development Boards and their role as convener, facilitator, workforce broker, community voice, and capacity builder.

Committee Chair: Tyane Dietz, Deep East Texas

Finance & Development Committee

The purpose of the Finance & Development Committee is to oversee TAWB financial operations, and develop initiatives that enhance TAWB financial resources to support member services and organization development.

Committee Chair: Chester Sackett, Golden Crescent

Executive Directors Council (EDC)

The purpose of the TAWB Executive Directors Council (EDC) is provide a forum for the executive directors of the 28 workforce development boards in to discuss administrative issues in the implementation of workforce services and to support professional development of board staff members.



Vice President: Paul Fletcher, Rural Capital

Secretary: Lisa McDaniel, North Texas